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The Boomerang Effect


Old becomes new again

Boomerang Effect is a sustainable program that recycles old clothing to create new garments. You can return your old and loved Boomerang clothes to a store, and in return we’ll give you 10 percent off a new garment. Some garments are given the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation’s Good Environmental Choice label and sold as Boomerang Vintage pieces. Others are cut up to make pieces for our Boomerang Home or Effect Collections – stylish everyday objects in classic Boomerang fabrics.

Pass it on

Boomerang Effect pieces have a story. They are garments that have been worn and loved by someone who has chosen to pass them on. It’s our way of giving each garment a new lease on life and saving the Earth’s precious resources. It is the opposite of disposable and embraces our philosophy that timeless style is always more important than passing trends. Some call it green fashion, but for us it’s all part of the Boomerang Effect.

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