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The Boomerang Chino

The Boomerang Chino

The chino pant is a Boomerang classic – a piece that we’re well known for and one that we have been reinventing over the years with our simple and Scandinavian approach to clothing. It is a style that has long been favored by style icons like John F. Kennedy and Katharine Hepburn, and it continues to be a popular symbol of modern American sportswear.

Paying attention to the details

During the spring seasons, our chinos are made from lightweight and tightly constructed cotton poplin, while fall requires a heavier twill with a bit of stretch. Every chino we make comes with a few signature details of which we’re particularly proud. Pocket linings come with the Boomerang Effect print – a nod to our dedication to sustainable and long-lasting products. Buttons and zipper pulls have the Boomerang logo, and each pant is dyed and washed in a unique way so that no two pairs are exactly alike. But perhaps the most important is the fit; the pants have to be comfortable and fit you just right. Try a pair of Boomerang chinos so you know what we mean.

Timeless style

The Boomerang chino pant is a preppy and casual piece that calls to mind sailing and a place by the sea. The chino embodies our philosophy that timeless style is always more important than passing trends. After all, it’s a garment that’s been around since it became standard military wear in the 19th century, and it’s one that we’ll continue to perfect with love and care.

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